Dont ask dont tell approach to ensuring your kid has the #epipens with him.


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Laws, legislations….are not my area of expertise, but I do know that my kid food allergies are
severe. Therefore, I got him a waistpal which ithe  epipen pouch he can wear under his clothing.
I told him to never take it off nor talk about it. What do I recommend ? Focus first on ensuring
your kid has the epis on him at all times.  

As of today, he has been discreetly carrying (and hiding) his epipens by carrying them inside the
waistpal,  Only a mom who clearly knew how to keep her child safe could come up with such a
great design.

Not sure about the new AuviQ epinephrine?


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Many of us have been looking forward to getting the new smaller epinephrine talking devise and now that it became available some are not ready to let go of the old but so familiar Epipens. As I told my kid, what really matters is for you to always carry two epinephrine auto injectors on you. Regardless of the brand name, as long as you continue to carry  the epi’s inside a carrier that attaches to your clothing, or inside the pockets of your cargo pants, then you have nothing to worry about.
The hope most parents and those supporting the self carry epinephrine policies, is that the new smaller devises help increase the number of overall individuals, with anaphylaxis allergies, who carry epinephrine auto injectors on them.

There are two great companies making available two great epinephrine auto injectors. The Epipen and Auvi-Q are basically the same product. Medication is exactly the same just a different auto injection mechanism. Choose the one you feel more comfortable with, and self carry them at all times.

The waistbuddy case and the legbuddy leg holster holds two Epipens or two Auvi-Q. The WaistPal is an undergarment sling that is great for Epipen’s

No more excuses!
GO FOR IT! Carry your epi’s with style.








How can I control my husband from trying to make our son eat foods he is allergic to?


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The emotional aspects of managing a child’s food allergies will challenge even the best of marriages.

When a child is diagnosed with life threatening food allergies usually the mother becomes the “overprotective” parent
looking out against all enemies, and the husband is more than often viewed as one of those opponents.  The mom
monitors what food allergens the husband eats and how well he cleaned up afterward.

The husband tries to prove that you are just making a big deal out of nothing. The fact that the child had some hives or a rash and the doctor said that it might be caused by food allergies doesn’t mean that he could die from eating a little piece of the food allergen.

The good news is that it will take time, but couples can unite with the purpose of finding a way to manage food allergies in our household.  Coping with any life-threatening medical condition in a child is a heavy burden especially on the parent doing the bulk of the daily childcare. 

As a couple,  it is crucial to have frequent discussions and find common grounds.   Use the list of potential conflicts below to begin these discussions. Keep adding questions of your own as situations that cause conflict come up to make sure you don’t forget to discuss how to manage it next time it happens.  Review it on a regular basis to ensure 100% compliance.  

Is your fault that our child was born with food allergies.

Every day a new study is published about what causes  food allergies. Results range from genetics, to living in an extra clean environment, food additives,
pesticides, and even the water we drink.  Bottom line, more research is still on the
works, so don’t waste your time on this subject.

You don’t even know what our child is allergic to…you just don’t care.   
Both parents need to be exposed to the same facts and experiences regarding children’s health. Both parents should go to the doctor appointments or therapies, school meetings and other important activities so that they get the same experiences and input. continue

Thanks for taking away a Mothers fear for her child’s life,always having the Epi Pen is no longer a worry!!!


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Our son has food allergies and are so severe that he has to carry an epi pen all the time.  When he was younger he used to carry them in a fanny pack but as he grew older his friends started making fun of him and calling him names. A friend told me about your website and I bought the leg holder and he really likes it.

I Thank you so much for the leg buddy, absolutely the most wonderful invention!!… sincerely my thanks for taking away a Mothers fear for her child’s life,always having the Epi Pen


My kid loves the LegBuddy to carry his Epipenis no longer a worry!!!

Mary and Ken

Austin Texas

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Saved by Epipen after getting stung by a bee


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English: Yellow jacket queen Image copyleft:

English: Yellow jacket queen Image copyleft: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I will share my story, in hope that others can benefit from it. I’m alive
today thanks to the fact that I was cautious enough to carry an Epipen and a lot of luck!

It’s it the luck part that concerns me, and the one that I would like to remove
from the equation for future incidents, if any by continue carrying the Epipen.

It all started when my favorite bike shop hosted a bike demo at a local national park. I had limited time and by the time I was given the bike, I did not have enough time to go on the intended remote trail I wanted.
So I took a shorter more transited trail. On my downhill descent, I took a Hornet with me. By the time I managed to stop, a few seconds later, I had a burning feeling on my knee. Since I had been stung by a yellow jacket a couple of months earlier without any consequence, I continue riding.

Few minutes later, I reached a well traveled trail and passed several cars on my way back. Soon after (less than 5 minutes after the sting), I felt my helmet strap get tighter. Being cautious, I decided to dismount and walk slow, waiting for the hikers to catch up to me, just in case. Soon later, I heard my wife’s voice, just around the corner, so I walked up to her. She was intrigued to see me walking.

At this point, I’m feeling a little dizzy. So I explained to her what happened while I remove the backpack to take the Epipen out, just in case. By the time I knew I needed it, I had one chance to apply it, it I had forgotten to remove the safety cap from it. All I had time for was to hand it over to my wife before blacking out.

I learned to have the Epipen ready to fire, even if I don’t think I will need it. It’s important to carry one in an easily accessible place so that you or others can easily identify it.

To carry my Epipens I have the LegBuddy and it fits perfectly. The waist belt is also very nice, although I don’t quite use it as much as the leg buddy. Marlena, I enjoyed my conversation with you the other day very much. it’s nice to see someone so devoted to such an important cause. I’m pretty that many saved lives can be attributed to your efforts.

Best Regards,


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We had a safe allergy free vacation!


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Thank You Omaxcare!

carry the epipen on you at all times

Just wanted to send a big thank you your way again for helping us to have a safe, fun and stress free holiday!!!
After much consideration and careful planning we decided to take a warm weather winter vacation. But because of Mathews sever peanut allergy nothing is stress free and un planned for safety sake. But having the leg buddy once again gave us the freedom to enjoy our holiday and have the safety factor covered!! we enjoyed beach activity, swimming with the dolphins and other Mexican culture all with the comfort of his medication being safe at hand!!!
Thanks so much for helping us have a happy, healthy , “normal”, life!!
My Sincere Thanks,
Jaylene C.
A concerned Mom!!!
From Canada

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