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name = Kenneth
subject = Feedback on LegBuddy & WaistPal
comments = Hi Marlene,

Thanks for sending the LegBuddy along with the WaistPal earlier this year. I’ve run with both and they are excellently constructed products. I prefer the WaistPal and can’t imagine any improvements for it. The Epi-pens fit snugly into their pouches, and yet still the neoprene can easily be stretched when a pen or even inhaler canister are shoved inside. The material is really nice… not too hot nor abrasive, and (on a practical note) the material doesn’t hold in the smell of sweat. I use my WaistPal daily and couldn’t be happier!

On the other hand, the LegBuddy is a fine product but could use some improvements. I got the small/medium size and the lower band does not cinch tightly enough. Despite my sturdy calves, I run out of velcro on the lower band nearer to my ankle. And a very tight cinching is necessary with the weight of two Epi-pens strapped to the leg of a runner. I tried to use the LegBuddy like the AsthmaPal on my arm, but it is a bit too lengthy for the bicep.

Nevertheless, these products really meet a daily need and my WaistPal will probably last a full decade.

Thanks again,