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Many of us have been looking forward to getting the new smaller epinephrine talking devise and now that it became available some are not ready to let go of the old but so familiar Epipens. As I told my kid, what really matters is for you to always carry two epinephrine auto injectors on you. Regardless of the brand name, as long as you continue to carry  the epi’s inside a carrier that attaches to your clothing, or inside the pockets of your cargo pants, then you have nothing to worry about.
The hope most parents and those supporting the self carry epinephrine policies, is that the new smaller devises help increase the number of overall individuals, with anaphylaxis allergies, who carry epinephrine auto injectors on them.

There are two great companies making available two great epinephrine auto injectors. The Epipen and Auvi-Q are basically the same product. Medication is exactly the same just a different auto injection mechanism. Choose the one you feel more comfortable with, and self carry them at all times.

The waistbuddy case and the legbuddy leg holster holds two Epipens or two Auvi-Q. The WaistPal is an undergarment sling that is great for Epipen’s

No more excuses!
GO FOR IT! Carry your epi’s with style.