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Laws, legislations….are not my area of expertise, but I do know that severe food allergic reactions can happen anywhere anytime. Every year thousands of parents continue to get for their kids the WaistPal undergarment waist sling epinephrine auto injectors carrier to ensure no time is wasted looking for the school nurse and/or the Epipen’s during an allergic reaction. 

Designed by a kid and mom, the WaistPal has no plastic buckles and is fully lined. No itching… No pintching. It’s comfortable and kids can discreetly wear it under their school uniforms.  Modern athletic design that looks “cool” even when you wear it over your clothing. 

Children that start carrying their life saving medications before they enter middle school, are more likely to continue to do so for the rest of their life. It becomes a habit, and a normal part of their daily routine. Help your children be ready to help themselves. Focus on making sure they understand the importance of keeping their med’s on them at all times. Don’t waste time asking if it’s ok for them to carry their epinephrines. Ensure your child has the Epi’s at an arm lenght away 24/7.